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JA 160 – Commercial


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The Jalando range of commercial ovens are one of the biggest sellers to the commercial industry due to the fuel efficiency and exceptional heat retention, the two most important features of any Woodfired oven but especially in a commercial business.
The heat up time is so fast that if you place the door of the oven on each night after use these large ovens would be ready to cook with within 40mins to one hour. Once piece of wood per hour thereafter would be sufficient to keep the oven at a medium to high temperature.
The Commercial Range consists of a choice of various larger sized prebuilt or DIY KIT ovens ready to be installed at your commercial venue either inside or outside in an Alfresco area.
Suitable for Hotels, Cafés etc. our ovens have proved to be the most fuelefficient with heat retention for up to 12hours.

To be installed:

These ovens are provided in a steel frame with lockable wheels allowing you to use the frame it comes with as a temporary base and builds your bench space around it at a later date. Having your oven set into a bench space.


Internal dimensions of oven
Length (front to back) 1815mm
Width (left to right) 1600mm

Flue details
Flue height 1000mm
Flue diameter  150mm

Oven Diagram (Front)
Width 1900mm
Height +/-800mm
Arch width 1070mm
Arch height 345mm
Preassembled only

Oven Diagram (Side)
Length 2200mm
Height +/-800mm
Internal length 1970mm