JA SS Gold & Black

Price: $1,050



2 x Black and 1 x Gold available – BE QUICK!

Please note: Black Oven is on the same silver stand as pictured in the gold.

This Outdoor Wood fired Oven will provide a unique entertaining atmosphere
for you, your family and friends.
Maximize your cooking experience; the fire is below the oven chamber
increasing the amount of food you can cook in the oven at one time.
Take your oven outdoors and enjoy the centuries old tradition of “open fire”
cooking on your patio!
Features and Benefits
These wood fired ovens provide a combination of baking, roasting and
smoking functions that achieve healthy, delicious and unique cooking
And it is suitable for all kinds of food from pizzas, a roast, turkey, lamb, bread,
pies and your own creativity. Pizzas and Tandoori Style food is amazing.

– Unique Smoky Flavor
– The ovens have one chambers, the oven is lined with fire bricks which pizza
trays and other items can be placed directly on for baking.
For best results use only select hardwoods for firing your oven, to
achieve the high temperatures your oven is designed for.
Flavored Wood Chips may also be added to the fire, to provide unique flavors.

Temperature Control
Allow approx. 30 to 45 minutes for the unit to reach its high temperature
cooking range of 600F to 800F. This high temperature is ideal for cooking,
bread, pizza, fish, chicken, steaks etc. Slower cooking items such as ribs,
roasts etc. will require a lower temperature in the 250F to 300F range.
The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the air vent on the
door and by monitoring the amount of wood in the oven.
The door is equipped with adjustable vents to control the temperature of the
oven. A stainless steel temperature gauge mounted on the oven for monitoring
your oven temperatures.

Quality Construction
Our quality construction will ensure superior outdoor cooking function and
enjoyment for many years.
This model has heavy duty cart with lockable casters provides stability and
mobility of your oven, which includes a storage rack for your hardwood supply.

Construction Details
– 2mm steel construction
– 20mm refractory cement wrap inner oven
– Silicon insulation inside, back and top walls
– Specialty silicone hi-heat resistant paint
– Silicone high temperature resistant painted surfaces
– high temperature resistant painted steel chimney with cap
– Wire wrap door handles for easy opening and heat
– Heavily constructed for functionality and longevity