JA 60 – Red Fibreglass (with granite bench)




JA 60 Red Fibreglass preassembled with stand and granite bench – One available

JA 60 Red Fibreglass without granite bench $2,400 – Pre-Order only

Comes in a box:  What’s in the box?

  •  Fibreglass oven
  •  Flue
  •  Steel slab base
  •  Steel sub floor
  •  1 Pizza paddle
  •  Refactory brick floor
  •  1 Recipe book
  •  1 Powder coated oven door
  •  1 oven stand
  • Oven is lightweight only 160kgs- four to six person lift


  • Oven dimensions: (not including flue):
  • Oven external: (L) 866mm x (W) 861mm x (H) 590mm
  • Oven internal: (L) 735mm x (W) 600mm
  • Flue details:  Flue height 600mm Flue diameter 275mm
  • Heats up in approximately 20 minutes
  • Oven comes with 4 removable handles for lifting onto stand or base
  • Stand can be assembled in minutes

The fibreglass oven is still as heat efficient as the other Jalando models as the outside dome coating is made of fibreglass, but the inside is still made with refractory cement and the same insulation blanket as the other ovens is also used.