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Pizza Oven Wood – Il Faggetto ‘O Sole Mio


Ultimate Italian wood fuel for pizza ovens – Local Pick-up Only

Please enquire for freight for four or more boxes.

SKU: 64371 Categories: Accessories, Fire Wood, Oven Tools


  • Minimum Order Of 12 Boxes
  • $25 x Box

Il Faggetto ‘O Sole Mio – Patented octagonal briquette of pure beech for pizzerias

Imported direct from Italy! 

Environmentally friendly, fast to light, odour free, produces long lasting embers.

Il Faggetto ‘O Sole Mio is the ultimate wood fuel for pizza ovens.  Designed from the ground up as the perfect wood fuel for wood fired ovens, this patented wood briquette is made from 100% dry beech, and manufactured using the latest briquetting technology. They marry together the best of tradition with science and technology. They are chemically and bacteriologically certified for the cooking of food.

Material: Super-compressed 100% pure beech briquette
Application: Specific for pizzerias
Advantages: Consistent combustion. Economical and powerful: 60Kg of ‘O Sole Mio produces the same results as 100Kg of kiln dried wood logs. High levels of radiant heat. Very low ash content as ‘O Sole Mio contains no bark. Safe cooking is ensured as no chemicals, additives or binders are used in manufacture.

Box Dimensions: 325mm x 350mm x 175mm

Energy value: >18.8 MJ/kg
Moisture: <8%
Weight: 18Kg box                                                                                                                                                                                                              Quantity: 8 briquettes per box