Depot Address Pick Up

Your Jalando pizza oven will be loaded onto you ute or trailer with a forklift at the depot pick up. Once you get to your destination, you will need to make arrangements for the unloading and to lifting it into place.



Delivery to a Commercial Address

We will deliver to your business address, you will need a forklift available onsite to unload.

As our pizza ovens range are heavy in weight, a forklift is required  to unload the goods off the truck once onsite.


Delivery to a Residential Address

Our delivery partners will deliver your Jalando Pizza Oven to the nearest vehicle access point at the delivery address and are under no obligation to place the oven  any nearer to it’s final position. Please note that driveways with uneven surfaces or unsafe gradients our delivery partner will unload at the safest point.Delivery Policy

It is the Customer’s responsibility to advise Jalando Pizza Oven if there are any possible truck access difficulties.

Please note;

  • The ‘Carrier’ is the Freight Company
  • The ‘Customer’ is the Receiver / Consignee
  • The ‘Driver’ is the Person delivering the goods

It is the Customers responsibility to provide access. If the carrier is unable to deliver due to inaccessibility, it is the Customers responsibility to arrange an alternative means of delivery at the Customer’s cost (if extra costs are incurred).

A standard truck height is approximately 3.2 meters. Jalando Pizza Oven will not be able to deliver if access is less than this, and alternative delivery arrangements will need to be made at the Customer’s cost.

Delivery only includes offload of the goods from the truck. It does NOT include moving and placement of the goods anywhere else in the property other than where the truck has direct access to. It is an unload / drop-off service only.

The Drivers are subject to Health and Safety requirements and are not expected to carry goods beyond the Health and Safety limits. This includes steep driveways or uneven surfaces where a potential incident could occur.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect the goods for any damage upon delivery and sign the documentation accordingly.

If the Customer is unsure of damage, they must sign the POD as damaged in case damage is found at the time of unpacking the goods.

Claims for damage must be filed within 3 working days. Claims will only be accepted if appropriately recorded on the consignment note.

Accepting the terms of this Direct Delivery Policy means you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms described above.