WITT Etna Rotante Gas Fired Pizza Oven with Twin Burners
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The WITT Etna Rotante Gas Powered Pizza Oven with Rotating Stone 16″, the ultimate solution for pizza enthusiasts seeking perfection in their homemade creations. With it’s award-winning design and 100% quality materials this oven is built to last and elevate your pizza-making game to new heights.

With an impressive quick heat-up time to 500°C (950°F), the Etna Rotante is ready whenever you are. The U-shaped main burner ensures perfectly even heat distribution, producing the ideal leopard-spotted and crunchy crusts that pizza lovers crave. Enjoy the efficiency and eco-friendliness of our double insulation, which also contributes to the rapid heat-up. The gas-fueled design offers ultimate ease and control, making it a breeze to achieve consistent results. The extra booster burner beneath the rotating pizza stone ensures a constant, even temperature, allowing for a continuous flow of perfectly cooked pizzas.

The ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven preheats to 500°C (950°F) in just 15 minutes, thanks to the booster burner. Its unique rotating pizza stone ensures 360 degrees of crust crispness, delivering the best homemade pizza in less than a minute. Experience the joy of creating perfect pizzas with the WITT Etna Rotante Gas Powered Pizza Oven with Rotating Stone.


  • Rotating pizza stone ensure 360 degrees of perfect crust crispness
  • Preheats to 500 °C (950 °F) in only 15min (Tested at 20° C (68° F ) ambient temperature – no wind)
  • U-Shaped Burner for even heat distribution
  • Large pizza size – can handle 16″ (40.5cm) pizza
  • Pizza cooked and ready in 90seconds 
  • The extra booster burner placed underneath the rotating pizza stone ensures a constant, even temperature and a consistent hot pizza stone to keep your pizzas coming in a continuous flow.

Oven Size: 750mmL x 660mmW x 440mmH

Weight: 28kg

Opening Height: 143mm

Gas regulator Included. 

**Suitable for LPG Gas ONLY

Box Dimensions: L850mm x 760mmW x 410mmH x 37.5kg 



Why is the Booster Burner an advantage?
Sliding a pizza into a traditional pizza oven results in the pizza stone temperature dropping significantly. This means that the pizza oven must reheat the pizza stone once again. Witt Etna Rotante is equipped with a booster burner that continuously hears the rotating pizza stone from the bottom keeping it ready for use.

How long does it take to cool down?
The cooldown time varies due to ambient temperature’s. The Witt Etna Rotante Pizza oven is one of the most temperature consistent pizza ovens on the market with effective insulation, taking approx. one and half hours to cool down. NEVER TOUCH SURFACE OR STONE BEFORE IT HAS COOLED DOWN. 

What kind of Gas should you use?
These ovens suit LPG Gas ONLY.

Is it safe to use any plastic tools inside the oven while it’s still hot?
No, these can melt and damage the pizza stone. We do not recommend using any plastic tools or brushes to clean it until after the oven has cooled completely. 

Witt 2 Year Warranty (Click for details)